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The Hunt...for the next Job or Internship

For those that find themselves at a new fork in the road, there are some clear tactics that have served Yale students and path-seekers more broadly over the last few years. This workshop is a summary of the most-oft-quoted advice from >100 1x1s with these ’seekers’. Peter’s former life as a leader in private and non-profit sectors ​(and his current role advising leaders across sectors) also brings a potential hirer’s perspective to this interactive workshop. The workshop also covers a whistle-stop tour of the amazing resources available to help students in their search while they are at Yale, and FES in particular.

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About Peter Boyd

Here at Yale, Peter Boyd is a Lecturer in the Practice of Management for the Executive MBA at SOM, Resident Fellow at Center of Business and the Environment, and Mentor-In-Residence at Tsai Center of Innovative Thinking. Outside Yale he is Founder and CEO of his own company Time4Good, focusing on taking Leaders and their teams to the next level of positive impact. He has worked on, led and advised organizations on strategy, purpose, and climate change solutions. He was Launch Director and COO of Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room; Chair of the Energy Efficiency Deployment Office for the UK Department of Energy & Climate Change; and led The B Team’s ‘Net-Zero by 2050’ initiative in the lead-up to COP21. Prior to his environmental work, he spent over a decade at Virgin Group (including CEO of Virgin Mobile South Africa) and started out with McKinsey & Co.

 Photo Credit: Eve Davidian/IZW


Peter Boyd

Founder & CEO at Time4Good Group