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Tech+Sustainability Lunch: A Conversation with Tory Grieves (MBA/MEM 18)

Event Description:

Note: Lunch will be provided, but space is limited! Please register via this RSVP link. This will be a webinar-style conversation.

In this era of climate change, climate data is an increasingly important decision-making tool for individuals, governments, and corporations. For instance: a farmer whose family has grown coffee on the same property for generations might now wonder when she should plant and harvest this year's crop, given a new weather pattern that includes prolonged drought punctuated by intense rainfall. Climate models, coupled with localized weather information, can be a decision-making gamechanger for small-scale agriculture. Similarly, multinational corporations and investors are rapidly awakening to the fact that they have to pay attention to climate change - not just to bolster their sustainability efforts, but to make fundamentally better core business decisions.

The good news (among the bad, bad news of intensifying climate change) is that innovative climate analytics startups and solutions are cropping up all over the place! In this webinar, Tory will share trends within the emerging climate tech industry (in which data-driven products are developed to enable communities, companies, and governments to understand their risk and exposure to the effects of climate change and take action to adapt and become resilient). She will also use The Climate Service as a case study to more concretely illustrate how, in this case, TCS' Climanomics software blends climate models with econometric functions to help companies and investors understand their climate risk, in financial terms, all around the world and across various time scales.

Speaker Bio:

Tory Grieves (MBA/MEM '18) is VP of Business Development at The Climate Service (TCS), a climate analytics startup that quantifies climate risk in financial terms. Prior to joining TCS, Tory served as entrepreneurship manager at The Collider, a climate tech innovation center. She holds an MBA and MEM from Yale SOM and Yale FES and lives in Asheville, North Carolina.


Victoria Grieves

VP of Business Development at The Climate Service (TCS)
MBA 2018
Master of Environmental Management 2018