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Scaling up agroforestry for food, biodiversity, climate, & communities, with 12Tree

While agroforestry systems may be a promising climate & biodiversity solution, there are major hurdles to expanding agroforestry practices to the scale we need. For a whole slew of reasons, commercial profitability can be a challenge during the early years of agroforestry projects, even when agroforestry practices may be eligible for government grants or below-market capital. And, as with any environmental solution, it is critical for agroforestry projects to address the distributional impacts that flow from successful scale-up in a community or region (who gains and who loses). 12Tree Finance GmbH, a $300 million asset manager & operator focused on agroforestry investments, is a leader in tackling these hurdles for over a dozen crops, with 20,000 ha of projects across Latin America and North Africa.  

Oliver Hanke (12Tree’s Chief Sustainability & Marketing Officer) and Vail Miller (12Tree’s Sustainability Manager) join us for a deep dive into their business strategy and approach to environmental & social impact in growing commercial agroforestry systems.  In this webinar episode, we will focus particularly on two topics: (1) 12Tree’s thinking about off-take agreements / partnerships with food companies and (2) 12Tree’s approach to partnering with smallholders through their innovative “nucleus-plasma” model and joint ventures with farmer cooperatives.  

Miss the event?  Watch the recording!


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Oliver Hanke

Chief Sustainability Officer at 12Tree Finance GmbH

Vail Miller

Sustainability Manager at 12Tree Finance GmbH