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Roadmap for Electricity Market Reform

The 51st State Initiative was created to provide a collaborative platform across the power sector to discuss the future of the electric industry. Designed as an alternative to the contentious debates surrounding market and rate reform occurring in many jurisdictions, the initiative creates an ongoing, safe platform for experts and industry leaders to present, sound out, and provide feedback on direction and innovation to support utility sector evolution.  

Two overarching goals define solution sets found in the 51st State:

1.       Create equitable business models and integrated grid structures to ensure safe, reliable, efficient, affordable, and clean electricity; and,

2.       Meet customer demand – both in the near and long term – for solar and distributed energy resource options, as well as additional, comprehensive energy services.

This webinar will dive into the insights developed and “least regrets” moves identified across the first two phases of this project, as laid out in SEPA’s capstone report “Blueprints for Electricity Market Reform: Building a Structure for Collaborative Stakeholder Discussions” published in September 2016. Through a two year, two-step process, SEPA has sought to engage the industry’s collective thought leadership in a brainstorming exercise designed to fundamentally change and refocus the way we talk about energy market reform. 

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John Sterling

Director, Market & Policy Affairs at First Solar