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PB& Investing Critically in the Future of Food

Please join us for a conversation with Jay Karandikar as we take a sneak peek into his role at New Crop Capital, an early stage venture fund that invests in the future of food. New Crop’s portfolio includes major brands such as Beyond Meat & Miyoko’s Kitchen, as well as technology companies like Lighter.

In this talk, Jay will provide an overview of New Crop Capital and their investment thesis, and also walk through a real-life due diligence case and how they approached it at New Crop.

Jay graduated from Princeton University with a bachelor's degree in Operations Research and Financial Engineering. During his time there, he managed a student-run business and worked at a fund of funds in Tokyo. Prior to joining New Crop, he developed trading systems at a quantitative hedge fund in Connecticut. He is excited by the potential of innovative companies to transform global agriculture and wants to be a part of that transformation.