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Pathways in Business and the Environment: Small group discussions

coffee zoom chat

In an effort to create opportunities for students to engage in more intimate dialogue with alumni and people in the field, we are collaborating to organize a series of small group chats as part of the Pathways in Business and the Environment program. 

These are meant to provide an informal, small-group environment for students to learn and get advice from business leaders and practitioners about crafting a sustainability/environment-focused career in the private sector. These conversations will center around pathways taken to current careers, what the current day-to-day entails, perspectives on broader trends in the field, and practical advice as students think about entering a particular field.  

No presentations! Just informal conversations with people actively engaged in their fields.

These will kick off March 22, 2021 and run through April. All times will be 12:00PM to 1:00PM ET.

See who we have lined up and register here!