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Materiality and the Food Sector

How Can Corporate Sustainability Disclosure Match Investors’ Needs?

Join us in New Haven to discuss this topic and the challenges you face as leading food and beverage companies or investor. Roundtable: How Can Corporate Sustainability Disclosure Match Investors’ Needs? – bringing together the views of reporters and investors will take place on Tuesday 13 March in New Haven, Connecticut.

Ceres, GRI, Yale University and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development are hosting a series of Roundtables for investors and companies to discuss common challenges related to the identification and integration of material ESG information into corporate reporting.

The Roundtables are designed to foster international discussions between reporting companies and the investment community, with a special focus on the food sector. The roundtables will be convened in a series of online and in-person meetings, one track for investors, and another for corporations in the food and agricultural sectors. This final meeting brings the two streams together.

Roundtable participants, within the investor track have worked to expound the key characteristics ESG reporting must have, in order to be relevant for investors, with a particular focus on reporting principles and materiality assessments.

Participants within the corporate track have drawed on the expertise of sustainability professionals, risk experts, accountants, investor relations officers and others. Together, investors and companies will address how company-wide risk and opportunity assessment processes can be established, to serve reporting needs.

Program agenda here.