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How Impact Investment and Entrepreneurship are Reshaping Capitalism

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The Social Impact Lab is delighted to welcome Sir Ronald Cohen, Chairman of the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment and The Portland Trust.

About the talk: Technology now enables us to measure and cost the impact on people and planet that companies create through their products, employment and operations.  With $30+ trillion of ESG and impact investment, seeking more than profit, investors, as well as consumers, employees, entrepreneurs and governments, have a right to know this impact.  

Mandating transparency would bring impact, alongside profit, to the center of our economic system by motivating companies, entrepreneurs and investors to bring solutions to our great social and environmental challenges – in effect reshaping capitalism to create a fairer and more sustainable world.

This event is hosted by The Social Impact Lab. To join the event on Sept 30th, click here.

Photo credit: Tagger Yancey