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Harnessing Energy Embedded in Water

We all know that saving water saves energy. And that saving energy saves water. But how do we bring these synergies into practice? Tune into Blueprint for Efficiency’s water-energy miniseries to learn about cross-sector collaboration and technologies that are moving us from the concept of the water-energy nexus to integrated solutions.

Water, electricity and gas are usually managed separately, but the opportunities to manage them together exist at virtually every stage of the water supply cycle. When we expand the definition of “embedded energy” to include the physical, chemical and thermal properties inherent in drinking water and wastewater, we uncover the potential for this energy to become an asset to both water and energy utilities. A handful of utilities have been the “first adopters” of joint water-energy efficiency programs, and energy generation in the water sector.

This webinar will feature case studies of joint utility efficiency programs, including stories of first-hand experiences with the process. In addition we will highlight some emerging technologies that can be used harness the energy embedded in water, including case studies of net-zero energy wastewater treatment plants.


Amelia Nuding

Water-Energy Analyst at Western Resource Advocates

Gretchen Hardison

Environmental Affairs Officer at Los Angeles Department of Water and Power