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GreenLight Workshop: We Are Still In

The GreenLight team is working with We Are Still In for a fast-paced innovation workshop around a pressing question they are facing: 

How might We Are Still In transition from a platform of voiced commitment to one of action?

Who will participate?: A multidisciplinary team of students from around the Yale community.

How can I participate?: Interested participants must:

  • Be excited about attending and actively participating for the entire event
  • Commit to carefully reviewing a set of preparation materials distributed in advance
  • Register by clicking on button below

Email any questions about the session to James Souder and Claudia Sosa Lazo

Space is limited to ~40 participants.  Register now!

About We Are Still In:

We Are Still In is the broadest cross-section of the U.S. economy ever assembled in pursuit of climate action. Over 2,500 leaders strong and growing, We Are Still In shows the world that leaders from across America’s state houses, city halls, boardrooms, and college campuses stand by the Paris Agreement and are committed to meeting its goals.

What is GreenLight?

GreenLight is a series of innovation workshops hosted by the Yale Center for Business and the Environment. These fast-paced, interactive workshops are designed to help Yale students practice and learn rapid ideation techniques, while helping leading companies and organizations tap into the creative thinking of a multidisciplinary team of students.