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GreenLight Workshop: ERM

The GreenLight team is working with ERM for a fast-paced innovation workshop on a pressing question at the intersection of business and the environment: 

How might a technical firm like ERM work with corporate decision-makers to help them better understand and articulate their climate-related financial risks and opportunities?

Who will participate?: A multidisciplinary team of students from around the Yale community.

How can I participate?: Interested participants must:

  • Be excited about attending and actively participating for the entire event
  • Commit to carefully reviewing a set of preparation materials distributed in advance
  • Register by clicking on button below

Email any questions about the session to James Souder, Claudia Sosa Lazo, or Billy Marks.

Space is limited to ~40 participants.  Register soon!

What is GreenLight?

GreenLight is a series of innovation workshops hosted by the Yale Center for Business and the Environment. These fast-paced, interactive workshops are designed to help Yale students practice and learn rapid ideation techniques while helping leading companies and organizations tap into the creative thinking of a multidisciplinary team of students.


Logan McCoy

Senior Project Manager at Environmental Resources Management (ERM)
MBA 2017
Master of Environmental Management 2017