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GreenLight: NCX

GreenLight is a series of highly interactive, fast-paced ideation workshops with leaders of organizations at the intersection of business and the environment.

Work with our GreenLight team to help NCX work through a mind-bending challenge at the intersection of business and the environment!

NCX connects corporations to the landowners, habitats, and communities they impact through our carbon marketplace. By drawing on our years of precision forest management, we enable net-zero pioneers to purchase carbon credits with immediate, verifiable impact and landowners to quantify the full value of their forests.

Apply here by March 29, 2022!

Participants will receive a FREE LUNCH coupon for food

Questions? Contact Candace Huang, Komal Kunwar, or Neha Singh

Yale GreenLight hosts a series of ideation workshops with leaders of organizations at the intersection of business and the environment. Ideation workshops are highly interactive, fast-paced sessions designed to generate new and innovative solutions to complex challenges. They are used by some of the world’s most celebrated design and innovation consultancies and are a popular component of the Yale School of Management core curriculum.