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Informational Event

Green Innovation - Lunch Deep Dives: Climate Tech Ventures

Startup Yale 2023 had some incredible ClimateTech Venture pitches for the Sustainable Venture Prize. General Biological won the $25,000 grant that will be catalytic in building out their venture. Join us for our final green innovation lunch deep dive as we hear about the entrepreneurial journeys of these awesome ventures! The finalists include:

  • ​Carbon Loop: Creates a circular economy by cheaply sequestering carbon at low temperatures from industry and produces high-value byproducts
  • ​General Biological: Makes mass-market chemicals from sugar instead of oil
  • ​Karuna Foods: We make the world's first microbial protein-based dog food with the least carbon footprint, offering nourishment without any adverse effects
  • ​Tyree Tech: Convert CO2 from major emitters to high-value, carbon-negative products using microalgal fixation, AI, and synthetic biology technologies

​Green Innovation - Lunch Deep Dives is a discussion group bringing together students from diverse backgrounds to explore different aspects of green innovation. Every two weeks the group meets on Tuesdays for lunch for an informal but collaborative peer learning session.