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Green Energy Choices: An Environmental Assessment of Low-Carbon Electricity

As society grapples with how to control CO2 emissions from power generation, potentially detrimental impacts of alternative sources of electricity come into increasing focus. Policy advocates and practitioners of energy technologies have to consider a wide range of resource issues and environmental costs to fully realize the substantial benefits from replacing fossil fuel power plants with renewable energy technologies. To inform such decisions, the International Resource Panel has written “Green Energy Choices,” a systematic assessment of the environmental benefits, trade-offs and risks of low-carbon technologies for electricity generation.

In this webinar, lead "Green Energy Choices" author, Edgar Hertwich, will provide an overview of the life cycle environmental and resource issues associated with wind, solar, geothermal, and hydropower, as well as coal and gas with CO2 capture and storage. His presentation will outline strategies to secure environmental gains and identify projects with high environmental impacts.


Edgar Hertwich

International chair and Professor at Department of Energy and Process Engineering Faculty of Engineering