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Engaging youth in technology+sustainability

YSI Earthpreneurs

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, this event will be hosted online (exact details TBC).  We are trying to convert our events to a remote platform when possible and will announce updates as we are able.  You can sign up for our weekly newsletter here to stay informed of changes and new opportunities to remotely engage.

Didrik Strohm, CEO of Young Sustainable
Impact Global

The Yale Center for Business and the Environment is excited to host Didrik Strohm, CEO of Young Sustainable Impact Global, at the Center for Engineering Innovation and Design. After the

Climate Accords of 2016, Didrik and a team of 20-somethings put together an initiative that was dedicated to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship that aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Since YSI’s inception, Didrik and his team have compiled resources for innovation, brought together teams from around the world, and started a global movement known as the “Earthpreneurs”. 

Didrik will share his experience with YSI, cracking ageism in entrepreneurship and sustainability, and how we can innovate with our diverse perspectives in the newest wave of oncoming technology.