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Energy Benchmarking, Financing, and Research: Multi-family Buildings in the Northeast

The next installment of the Blueprint for Clean Energy series will document the real energy usage in hundreds of multifamily buildings in the Northeast, real solutions to reducing their usage, and simple financial methods to make these buildings more energy efficient. 

F.L. Andrew Padian has 30 years of experience in the unique building science of multifamily buildings, and has performed detailed energy analysis on hundreds of buildings across the country.  Mr. Padian is a frequent contributor to energy and sustainable publications, and has spoken at numerous conferences across the country over the last 30 years (NESEA Building Energy, Affordable Comfort, Apartment World,  National Weatherization Conference, National Multifamily Conference to name a few).  He runs a private consulting business out of NYC working across the country.

Read Andrew Padian's recent article: Passing on Our Building Science Smarts.


Andrew Padian

Founder and President at PadianNYC Consulting