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Decarbonizing the Residential Sector: Digital Roadmap to an Electric House

Heating, cooling, and powering the residential sector accounts for roughly 20% of United States energy-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and the average household spends about $2,000 per year on home energy bills. Homeowners can reduce emissions and save money by investing in electrification and efficiency improvements. However, barriers to home electrification include lack of general awareness and understanding of wasted energy in homes, and the benefits of solutions such as electric heat pumps. 

Greenbanc LLC, a certified B Corp and leading provider of Home Energy Scores, created Project ELECTRICASA to provide an accessible home energy audit to single-family homeowners. Greenbanc CEO North Lennox will present on their innovative process and share a teaser of the final product—a web-based application that allows homeowners to assess their home energy performance by taking photos with a smartphone to inform next steps for decarbonizing their home. 


  • North Lennox, Chief Executive Officer of Greenbanc


  • Isabel Harrison, MEM Candidate at Yale School of the Environment and Renewable Thermal Alliance Network Manager at the Yale Center for Business and the Environment

 About the Renewable Thermal Alliance webinar series: 
The Renewable Thermal Alliance (RTA), a public-private partnership initiated by NYSERDA, CT Green Bank, and Yale University, aims to develop the infrastructure for large-scale deployment of renewable thermal technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy savings and fuel shifting. Our webinar series highlights recipients of the 2020 RTA Seed Innovation Grants on policy, technology, and market developments in renewable heating and cooling.