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Create and Run Scenarios and Sensitivities

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CBEY is hosting a webinar teaching best practices for conducting sensitivity analysis in financial models or in any other Excel-based simulation or forecast.

The webinar will cover:

  • Why we need what-if analysis
  • How to create a scenario manager to select different values for inputs
  • How to link sensitivities into an existing model
  • How to efficiently assess the outputs to all sensitivities with the click of a button

Students consistently highlight this as one of the most valuable Excel techniques taught in Yale’s Renewable Energy Project Finance course, and the applicability is wide-ranging to any financial analysis and many other forms of non-financial analysis.  

The webinar will be led by Dan Gross, a Lecturer at Yale who teaches Renewable Energy Project Finance. He is also one of the featured instructors in CBEY’s online Certificate in Clean Energy Finance.  Dan will be joined by Haydn Palliser, a world-recognized leader in financial modeling advisory services and financial modeling training. Dan and Haydn have taught advanced financial modeling and transaction execution to developers, utilities, investment funds, government ministries and NGOs on six continents. They’re keen to find their way to Antarctica.

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Daniel Gross

Lecturer at Yale University
MBA 1998
Master of Environmental Management 1998
BA 1992