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C-PACE: Financing sustainability while fostering economic development

Commercial PACE offers a new way to use private capital to deploy clean energy across the United States. The practice, which involves setting up financing mechanisms to allow for companies and residents to finance clean energy on their property, has expanded greatly over the past decade. It was first conceived in conjunction with efforts at the Connecticut Green Bank and is now being used in states like Maryland, Ohio, and Texas. Alexandra Cooley ('12 M.E.M./M.B.A.), CFO and co-founder at Greenworks Lending, will lead a webinar on PACE and her company’s efforts to expand this practice across the country.

Attendees will learn about effective public policy implementation through the story of Greenworks Lending, a private capital provider that recently completed the nation’s first securitization of commercial property assessing clean energy assets. Milestones leading to the $75m capitalization that will be discussed include:

  • Overview of policy origins and initial implementation in CT
  • Genesis of a national private capital provider
  • Scaling for growth and market entry
  • Securitization and its influence on the industry and the firm’s growth

Watch the video:


Alexandra Cooley

Chief Investment Officer at Greenworks Lending from Nuveen
Master of Environmental Management 2012
MBA 2012