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Bright Lights, Green Sights: Yael Aflalo, Reformation

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Fashion is awesome but it’s also the third most polluting industry in the world. Global production of textiles consumes 1 trillion gallons of water, 33 trillion gallons of oil, and 20 billion pounds of chemicals annually. With the realities of climate change and freshwater scarcity, responsible production and consumption of clothing is critical and carries a huge potential for impact.  Yael Aflalo founded the fashion brand Reformation with the idea that fashion can be different. Reformation thinks about all the costs in creating fashion and each product is tagged with its unique environmental footprint. Impacts are kept low through a particular focus on fabrics. Yael’s company uses only rescued deadstock, repurposed vintage, or super sustainable fabrics. The green philosophy is carried throughout all elements of the business. And what results from this focus on eco-friendly inputs and practices? Cool clothing that attracts celebrities and fashionistas to participate in sustainability without even knowing it.

Come join Yael to learn more and #jointhereformation

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Want more? Want more? Listen to this podcast as Sumit Kadakia (MBA/MF '16) has a more intimate conversation with Yael Aflalo and Professor Paul Anastas.   Part of a podcast series on Soundcloud.

Yael Aflalo is the CEO and founder of Reformation, a revolutionary lifestyle brand that utilizes sustainable fabrics and practices to create cool and feminine limited-edition collections.  Reformation offers stylish eco-conscious garments, proving that fashion and sustainability can co-exist beautifully.  Yael is dedicated to transforming current harmful retail practices by leading a sustainable revolution in the fashion industry and is paving the path for how the fashion industry defines green.

Reformation is a revolutionary lifestyle brand that proves fast fashion, sustainability and local manufacturing can co-exist in a beautiful way. Based in Los Angeles, Reformation makes effortlessly cool silhouettes that celebrate the feminine figure for the confident and the chic. Home to the first sustainable sewing factory in the U.S., Reformation infuses green measures into every aspect of the brand. From recycled and eco fabrics to a heat reflecting roof and clean energy in the factory, to recycled hangers in stores and eco-friendly packaging for at-home shipments, Reformation offers thoughtfully produced clothing at an affordable price - a reminder that being green shouldn't mean sacrificing style and quality.

This is part of a series featuring urban innovators: Bright Lights Green Sights.



Yael Aflalo

CEO and Founder at Reformation