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Avoiding Grassland Conversion: An Emerging Strategy for Climate, Community, and Conservation

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Grasslands and shrublands across the U.S. offer unique potential for climate change solutions. Carbon markets offer an innovative approach for landowners to leverage these climate benefits to access to new finance sources for preservation. In this webinar we will hear from Margaret Williams of American Carbon Registry (ACR) and Billy Gascoigne of Ducks Unlimited about ACR’s newly updated mechanism for creating carbon credits in grasslands and shrublands by using conservation easements to avoid conversion to crop production.

In addition, our speakers will discuss a pioneering project in the Prairie Pothole Region of North Dakota, which has generated over 76,000 tons of carbon offsets to date by protecting 28,000 acres of grassland. This first-of-its-kind project developed by Ducks Unlimited  represents an encouraging approach to preventing greenhouse gas pollution from grassland soil while preserving critical wildlife habitat and an important forage source for local livestock producers.


Billy Gascoigne

Associate Director of Conservation Strategy at Ducks Unlimited, Inc

Margaret Williams

Senior Program Officer at American Carbon Registry (ACR)