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Author Talk: The Six New Rules of Business

How can businesses thrive in the evolving economic and social landscape?  Let’s talk about it with Judy Samuelson and Vincent Stanley. 

Six New Rules Book Cover

Samuelson’s new book, The Six New Rules of Business: Creating Real Value in a Changing World, lays out how hard-to-measure intangibles like reputation, trust, and loyalty are imposing new ways to assess risk and opportunity in investment and asset management. Samuelson argues that “maximizing shareholder value” has never been the sole objective of effective businesses and observes that shareholder theory and the practices keeping it in place continue to lose power in both business and the public square.   

Judy Samuelson is the founder and executive director of Aspen Institute’s Business and Society Program and a Yale alum (MBA ’82).

Vincent Stanley, co-author of The Responsible Company, CBEY resident fellow and Patagonia’s company philosopher, will guide the conversation and Q & A.

Join them for this Author Talk as they consider how companies face the sea change in how businesses are defined—and how practices can change to advance both business and society.


Judy Samuelson

Founder and Executive Director at Aspen Institute Business and Society Program
Vice President at Aspen Institute
MBA 1982

Vincent Stanley

Director of Philosophy at Patagonia