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A Future Vision for Sustainable E-mobility

A discussion with BMW

What is being done to accelerate electric vehicle (EV) market growth? This presentation focuses on four key areas: mobile apps, EV charging infrastructure, renewable energy and the smart grid. The expansion of the EV market relies on smarter apps delivering the features users demand and an intelligently designed charging infrastructure enabling drivers to extend their clean driving territory. With the idea that markets for EV and markets for green energy can accelerate each other, BMW has also introduced a portfolio of green energy products. These green energy products range from home solar PV systems to a wind energy package and help to provide the clean energy EV customers want. The presentation will explain how a large, intelligently charged EV fleet can serve as valuable grid asset. Proliferation of EVs has the potential to lower electricity costs for all consumers and total emissions from the electricity sector by 1) Serving as a virtual power plant and 2) Utilizing excess wind energy produced at night.

To see the slides for this presentation, please click here.

Or you can watch the webinar here:

2013-04-30 12.03 Blueprint for Efficiency - A Future Vision for Sustainable E-mobility - 04 30 2013 from Ben Butterworth on Vimeo.