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2018 Sabin Sustainable Venture Prize

The Sabin Sustainable Venture Prize supports student and faculty efforts to start a sustainable for-profit business through annual cash prizes of $25,000. The competition provides feedback from professional judges, extensive mentoring from faculty, and opportunities for participants to meet and pitch their ideas to venture capitalists and industry leaders.

Ventures pitching at the 2018 Sabin Sustainable Venture Prize will be:

















Alectro LLC

At Alectro, our mission is to transition railways to renewable energy by designing and implementing large-scale solar projects. We will do so by integrating track-side solar systems with existing railway infrastructure so that electric railways can run on renewable energy without any additional land commitments.

Concha Aquaponic Solutions

We are developing a saltwater aquaponic system capable of growing both White Pacific Shrimp and the red macroalgae Asparagopsis taxiformis. These two products together have the potential to both improve the quality of and significantly reduce the environmental impacts associated with current beef and seafood production.


DroneFlow is a machine learning platform that enables people to train their drones to find what they are searching for, be it pipeline leaks, crop diseases, evidence of poaching or forest fires. DroneFlow makes highly technical processes accessible to average users and optimizes their search.

Real Impact Tracker

We make everyone an impact investor. We rate the social and environmental impact of investment funds. We certify the most impactful investment managers. We’re building Stake, a website that empowers everyone with personal savings to use their stake in their companies to support the issues they care about.




The Sabin Sustainable Venture Prize is proud to kick off Startup Yale, a week-long celebration of entrepreneurship across Yale. Five days of pitches, prizes, events, and world-changing ideas. Over $125,000 in prize money for new ventures will be awarded! 

The Prizes:


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