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“An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Certified B-Corps and Benefit Corporations” - An @YaleCBEY & @Patagonia collaboration | #BCorpBook

.@YaleCBEY & @Patagonia have released a guidebook to educate entrepreneurs on B-corp. #BCorpBook @YaleSOM @YaleFES

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To B or Not to B: The Pros + Cons of Becoming a Certified B Corp or Benefit Corp @Patagonia @YaleCBEY #BCorpBook

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New guidebook maps Certified B Corp or Benefit Corp process for entrepreneurs @Patagonia @YaleCBEY #BCorpBook 

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Does your company have resources + manpower to obtain a “B” designation? Find out: @Patagonia @YaleCBEY #BCorpBook

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Patagonia and the Yale Center for Business and the Environment have partnered to launch An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Certified B Corporations and Benefit Corporations. Increasingly, entrepreneurs are considering how to create a company that has a positive impact on society. This guide will advise on best practices while helping entrepreneurs minimize legal costs and make informed decisions on the right "B" designation to choose.’s-guide-to-certified-b-corporations-and-benefit-corporations

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March 29th 12:00-1:00pm ET

We will be hosting a webinar to walk through this new guidebook and discuss the potential impact of Benefit Corporations and Certified B-Corporations.

Moderated by Professor Kate Cooney, Yale School of Management


  • Vincent Stanley, Director of Philosophy, Patagonia
  • Abigail Barnes, Co-Founder of Allergy Amulet and Author of An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Certified B Corporations and Benefit Corporations
  • Andy Fyfe, BLab

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