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Lloyd Irland

Lecturer and Senior Research Scientist
School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
Lloyd served with the US Forest Service as a research economist before coming back to Yale. He taught Wilderness Economics and Policy, Water Resource Economics, and Industrial Forestry for three years.

In 1976 he went to Maine to administer a major insect control program for the Maine Forest Service. Then for 2 years, he was Director, Bureau of Public Lands, managing 250,000 acres of state forests and also its submerged lands program. His boss was then brought into the Governors Office as State Planning Director where Lloyd went with him to be State Economist for 5 years. During these years in state government he gained practical management experience as well as inside involvement in the legislative process, working with the press, and dealing with controversial public issues. While State Economist he dealt with issues ranging well beyond natural resources.

Since 1987 he has been consulting, mostly to industry on timber and market issues, but also to governments and trade groups. Occasionally he has worked for environmental groups. This work has given him a good acquaintance with Canada, with environmental certification, with global trends in the lumber and paper industries, and a number of related topics. His work has been actively engaged with the major land use and allocation issues in what people call the Northern Forest of northern New York and northern New England. He has special interest in ways to achieve a higher level of environmental performance on managed timberlands.

Lloyd has done a bit of work in forestry and professional ethics. He has taught college level courses in economics, environmental economics, land use, and forest policy as a guest faculty member at several Maine institutions. Lloyd is also a vocal advocate for more reserves and wilderness areas in places, like Maine, where they are under-represented.

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