Social Entrepreneurship Consultancy

Graduate students use their experience to work as social impact consultants for start-ups run by their peers.


Launched in 2016, the Social Entrepreneurship Consultancy is an opportunity for students to get involved with start-ups run by their peers by acting as social impact consultants. The program was launched as an independent study by CBEY and the Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship student interest group at FES. Student consultants gain exposure to start-ups and the challenges they face, as well as hand-on consulting experience. The entrepreneur clients gain access to a dedicated team working to solve a pressing social or environmental challenge that the founders don’t have the expertise, time, or resources to address.

In its first iteration, 13 students participated as consultants for three student-run ventures. The consultants developed a marketing plan for sustainable furniture company Hugo & Hoby, completed a market analysis for hemp venture Appalachian Roots, and assessed the environmental impacts of luxury pearls.

2017 Applications Now Open

This year the program has expanded to offer academic credit for the entrepreneur clients and include more programming.

  • Applications for entrepreneur clients for Spring 2017 have closed.
  • Applications for consultants open now:
    • Access the application HERE
    • Deadline - 5:00pm on January 26, 2017
  • Questions? Contact Judy Amsalem or Sanjna Malpani at and

2017 Ventures

Student-run ventures that will receive consulting services in the Spring 2017 semester include:

Bike City aims to increase the number of people commuting by bike in urban areas by leasing bikes and electric bikes (ebikes) for companies to offer their employees as a transportation benefit and provide an ecosystem of support to get commuters riding and keep them riding consistently.


Kitchen Table makes frozen plant-based stovetop meals that make it easier for people to prepare healthier meals at home.


Re-Harvest Foods is a social enterprise that fights America’s food waste problem by recovering and repurposing through value added processing the 10 million tons of produce usually wasted because of appearance. Their first product is Ugly Fruit branded small batch applesauce.

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