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Programs & Research

Management & Products

Efforts to manage natural resource risks are increasingly understood as opportunities to create value. The Center trains new leaders for this challenge and serves as a conduit for sharing best practices. Our work on management and products improves the footprint of individual companies while crafting an agenda for collective change.


Finance & Markets

What gets valued, and how it gets valued, fundamentally define the operation of markets. While these notions often appear fixed in stone, they are not. The Center is engaged with the prominent question of how our financial system accounts for the manifold services provided to us by our environment, as well as how growing awareness of this issue is rerouting financial flows.


Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The Center supports new business ideas, from conception and planning through pitching and seed funding. Investment in promising ideas at this early stage provides a powerful lever for affecting change down the road. If you have an idea that, given a chance, might change the world in a meaningful way, we’d like to help.



Through a variety of grants the Center supports diverse research initiatives among both students and faculty. Applications are open to all, though Yale representation is required.



Publications from past and current projects are freely downloadable. By making the results of our work available we hope to accelerate the diffusion of business solutions to global environmental problems.


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