Serena Pozza

MBA , 2018
Master of Environmental Management , 2018

Serena is a second year joint degree student. In the future she aims to work with companies to create products that are sustainable for human health and the environment. Serena is currently a Schmidt MacArthur Fellow for the Circular Economy and as part of this fellowship she is researching plastic polymers use in consumer products and ways to mitigate their use. This past summer Serena spent 10 weeks at the Unilever HQ in London, U.K. where she worked on sustainability strategy. Specifically, she created 5 business cases for Unilever to transition more effectively towards circular economy products and business models - whether using conventional technologies or new tech solutions. Prior to studying at Yale, Serena worked as Manager at the World Economic Forum, where she researched how companies bring about innovation leapfrogging by partnering with other small or large enterprises. Serena also worked at the European Commission, where she researched renewable energy regulations and non-tariff barriers in China.

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