Mauricio Barragan

MBA , 2018
Master of Environmental Management , 2018
Mauricio is a second year MBA/MEM student focused on energy markets, environmental economics and climate change. Before coming to Yale, Mauricio worked in Mexico´s Department of Energy, where he was part of the team in charge of opening Mexico´s electricity market to free competition. In that role, he collaborated in the elaboration of the new Market Rules and worked in the team that wrote the bill for the Energy Transition Law, a law that regulates Mexico´s clean energy and energy efficiency efforts. 
After that experience, Mauricio came to Yale to learn more about energy economics and market mechanisms to decrease the impact that energy has on the environment. Outside the classroom, he is part of F&ES´ soccer and softball intramurals teams and President of the Yale Mexican Student Organization. 
During the summer of 2016, Mauricio did an internship at the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC), where he led the first stage of a scoping study to assess the posibilities of opening a green bank in Mexico.
Mauricio grew up in Metepec, Mexico and holds a B.A. in economics from ITAM in Mexico City. He is a soccer fan (go Chelsea!!), plays guitar and enjoys reading non-fiction literature.
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