Emily Lowe

MBA , 2019
Master of Environmental Management , 2019
Forte Fellows Program
Emily is a first year joint-degree candidate with Yale School of Management (SOM). Prior to coming to New Haven, she was based in San Francisco doing business development at a SaaS start-up called Zenefits that focused on creating an HR, payroll, and benefits platform for the SMB market. Although she found the tech and start-up world fascinating, she realized that she wanted to do something more closely related to her interest in the human-environmental interaction.
A graduate from Harvard with a dual degree in Earth & Planetary Sciences and Anthropology, her senior thesis explored the implications of sea level changes on early human dispersals. While much of her work has focused on past peoples and cultures, she is particularly interested in exploring the human-environmental interaction within the context of climate change, crisis management, disaster preparedness and response, and humanitarian relief.
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