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Our Climate is Changing!
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Carbon Finance 2008

This presentation will explore the financial performance of publicly-traded companies as it pertains to the risks and opportunities posed by climate change. Innovest's proprietary Carbon BetaTM platform provides investors and portfolio managers with a tool to value the stock prices of large companies in light of carbon risk. The Innovest team of Mario Lopez-Alcala and Hiroshi Minami will be delving into the research platform and discussing some of their findings regarding footprint, disclosure, and actual performance. They will also present a case study regarding carbon analysis.

April 2, 2008
4:30 p.m.
GM Room

Mario Lopez-Alcala is a Senior Analyst with Innovest's Carbon Finance Practice. Prior to Innovest, Mr. Lopez-Alcala worked with the Legal Research Institute as an advisor for projects on climate change, resource management, and international agreements for the Secretariats of Environment, Economy, and the Senate.




Hiroshi Minami is a Senior Analyst, Intangible Value Assessment with Innovest where he focuses on the construction, farm machinary and heavy trucks, electronic equipment and instruments, and trading companies and distribution sectors. He also has specialist knowledge of Japanese environmental, social and governance issues.


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Event Documents

Netcast - Visit Yale "Business & Management" or "Environment" in the "Center for Business and Environment" tab (must have iTunes to download)

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Funding for the Carbon Finance Speaker Series was made possible by a generous grant from the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation.