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Yale School of Management graduates, Richard Kauffman and Nancy Pfund, have been named to CNN's list of the world's top eco-innovators.

CNN on Richard Kauffman:

Appointed in 2013 by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to oversee the state's energy policy, the 59-year-old Kauffman, a onetime partner at Goldman Sachs and exec at Morgan Stanley, is putting together a $1 billion "green bank" to catalyze more private investment in renewables across the state.

CNN on Nancy Pfund:

Pfund, 58, is perhaps the most successful venture capitalist with the lowest profile. As the founder of San Francisco's DBL, she champions eco-friendly companies that also appeal to Wall Street. Pfund was an early investor in both Tesla Motors and SolarCity, and saw both stocks take off in 2013.