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OneEnergy Renewables, a developer of large-scale clean energy projects, recently announced that Yale MBA/MEM student, Michael Puckett, has been selected as a recipient of the company’s 2013 OneEnergy Scholars Award. Puckett is one of six students selected for the 2013 OneEnergy Scholars class from a national pool of applicants representing the nation’s leading academic institutions. He joins five other students from Cornell, George Washington University, MIT, Washington University in St. Louis, and The University of Washington.

The OneEnergy Scholars Program accelerates the careers of high potential individuals who exemplify the dedication and intellectual capacity required to move the clean energy industry forward. In partnership with NetImpact, OneEnergy Renewables provides award recipients with broad recognition for their achievements, personalized career counseling, internship opportunities, and peer and professional networking.

"These are extraordinary students, each of them," says OneEnergy Renewables' CEO Bryce Smith. "Their backgrounds and skills are varied and impressive, and each has demonstrated a deep personal commitment to renewable energy. When I reflect on all the mentors who were so generous in supporting my fledgling career, I'm pleased to think that OneEnergy Renewables might open similar doors for these students.”

“My current work at Yale will focus on the entire energy spectrum, from generation to consumption,” says Michael. “After graduating, I hope to apply this knowledge toward finding innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint through increased reliance on renewables and a more responsible use of energy at an individual level. In such a complex and rapidly changing industry, breadth of knowledge and network is absolutely crucial for success. The OneEnergy Scholars Award will enhance my experience at Yale SOM and FES by connecting me to leaders of today and sharing ideas with leaders of tomorrow.”