Corporate Water Risk and Strategy Workshop Series

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The goal of the series is to increase the discourse around water use at the commercial and industrial levels. Students will analyze the topic of corporate water resources management through the lens of corporate risk and strategy. Gap and the apparel industry will serve as a case study for students to apply their learnings and recommend solutions. The workshop will be held over four Friday sessions in the Fall 2016 semester for one credit. Breakfast will be served at the start of each session.

Printable course syllabus:
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  • Workshop 1 – Overview of Corporate Water Risk and Strategy, Case Introduction
    • Friday October 28th 9am-12pm, Evans 2220
    • Introduction to the concept of corporate water risk, water and the apparel industry. Gap will provide an overview of their business, corporate sustainability program, and water program.

  • Workshop 2 – Water Risk and Corporate Sustainability – Industry Perspective
    • Friday November 4th 9am-­12pm, Evans 2220
    • Guest speaker from Coca-­Cola will provide a high level overview of how companies design corporate sustainability and water risk strategies. Talk will focus on the development of metrics to track progress in the space.

  • Workshop 3 – Business Case for Water Conservation
    • Friday November 11th 9am-­12pm, Evans 2230
    • Guest Speaker: Will Sarni (Director and Practice Leader, Enterprise Water Strategy -­Deloitte Consulting LLP) will discuss designing water strategy based on water risks, market considerations and internal considerations of a firm.

  • Workshop 4 – Final Case Presentations
    • Friday December 2nd 9:00am-12:00pm, Evans 2220
    • Students will present final research findings to Gap. Findings will be built on material learned in previous sessions as well as external research.
    • Winning team will be selected and will be invited to present at Gap’s headquarters in San Francisco over Winter Break!

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