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Environmental Economics

Yale Environmental Economics Seminar

Wednesdays, 4:00 - 5:30 pm

Kroon Hall Room 321

Seminar Schedule - 2014

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Fall 2014
Aug 27 Kenneth Gillingham (Yale FES) - "Learning-by-doing in Solar Photovoltaic Installations"
Sept 3 Tsvetan Tsvetanov (Yale FES) - "Hurdles and Steps: Estimating Demand for Solar Photovoltaic Panels"
Sept 10 Joe Aldy (Harvard KSG) - "Life-Saving Information: Mortality Risk Reduction from Air Quality Forecasts"
Sept 17 Jim Sallee (Chicago Harris) - "The Economics of Attribute-Based Regulation: Theory and Evidence from Fuel-Economy Standards"
Sept 24 Bill Nordhaus (Yale Economics) - "Climate Clubs"
Oct 1 Mark Jacobsen (UCSD Economics) - "Vehicle Scrappage and Gasoline Policy"
Oct 8 Spencer Banzhaf (Georgia State Economics) - "Panel Data Hedonics: Rosen's First Stage and Difference-in-differences as `Sufficient Statistics'"
Oct 9 (joint with PF/labor: 4pm 28HH Room 106) Marty Weitzman (Harvard Economics) - "Can Negotiating a Uniform Carbon Price Help to Internalize the Global Warming Externality?"
Oct 15 Koichiro Ito (BU School of Management) - "Blowin' in the Wind: Sequential Markets, Market Power and Arbitrage"
Oct 29 Sheetal Sekhri (Virginia Economics) - "Agricultural Trade and the Depletion of Groundwater"
Nov 5 Billy Pizer (Duke Sanford) - TBD
Nov 12 Kerry Smith (Arizona State Economics) - TBD
Nov 19 Nick Ryan (Yale Economics) - TBD

Spring 2014
January 22 Robert Mendelsohn (Yale FES) - - "Using Markets for Woody Biomass Energy to Sequester Carbon in Forests"
February 5 Jeffrey Chow and Robert Fetter (Yale FES) - "Determinants of Local Fuelwood Extraction from Mangrove Plantations in Coastal Bangladesh" and "Regulation by Transparency: Evidence from Hydraulic Fracturing Laws"
February 12 Eli Fenichel (Yale FES) - "Eating a Faustmann cake: Designing incentives systems for forest-based ecosystem services when capital markets are missing"
February 19 Namrata Kala (Yale FES) - "(Robust) Learning and Adaptation to Climate Change: Evidence from Indian Agriculture"
February 26 Saed Alizamir (Yale SOM) - "Efficient Feed-in-Tariff Policies for Renewable Energy Technologies"
March 5 Sang Kim (Yale SOM) - "Time to Come Clean? Disclosure and Inspection Policies for Green Production "
March 26 Nick Kuminoff (Arizona State Economics) - "National expenditures on local amenities"
April 2 Arik Levinson (Georgetown Economics) - "California Energy Efficiency: Lessons for the Rest of the World, or Not?"
April 9 Josh Graff Zivin (UCSD Economics) - "Gray Matters - the impact of fetal exposure to air pollution on 4th grade test scores in Santiago, Chile"
April 16 Peter Christensen (Yale FES) "Suburbs or Skyscrapers? The Impact of a Policy Experiment on Urban Growth in China"
April 23 Joshua Abbott (Arizona State Sustainability) - "Some Like it (Less) Hot: Joint Valuation of the Urban Heat Island and Cooling Vegetation in an Arid City"

  • Kenneth Gillingham (FES) and Matthew Kotchen (FES): August 2014 to present
  • Eli Fenichel (FES): August 2013 to July 2014
  • Center for Business and the Environment at Yale through the F.K. Weyerhaeuser Memorial

Please email Kenneth Gillingham to be placed on the seminar email list. Papers will be posted as they become available.