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Johnson & Johnson: The Making and Marketing of Sustainable Products

September 10, 2013 | 11:45AM
General Motors Room, 55 Hillhouse Avenue
Colloquium in Sustainable Marketing Speaker Series

Featuring Al Iannuzzi, Senior Director, Worldwide Environment, Health & Safety;  

Keith Sutter, Senior Product Director, Sustainable Brand Marketing

Moderated by George Newman, Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior


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Al Iannuzzi, Director in the Worldwide Environment, Health & Safety department and Keith Sutter, Sr. Product Director for Sustainable Brand Marketing will discuss the ins and outs of creating and marketing more sustainable products at Johnson & Johnson. The company’s signature Earthwards process sets the bar for developing greener products, but it is not always easy making already successful products and brands greener without altering the customers’ experience. This session will discuss the motivations and impacts of the program, as well as the internal decision making processes as J&J implements changes and communicates them to its customers.

Al is a Senior Director in the Worldwide Environment, Health & Safety department at Johnson & Johnson where he directs the Global Product Stewardship and Green Marketing programs.  He has over 30 years experience in the EHS field and leads Johnson & Johnson’s EARTHWARDS® greener product design process, product stewardship objectives of the Healthy Future 2015 sustainability goals, green marketing, and emerging issues programs. 

Keith Sutter is the Sr. Product Director for Sustainable Brand Marketing at Johnson & Johnson.  In that role Keith leads Johnson & Johnson’s 250 Operating Companies in developing sustainable products, business and marketing strategies. He translates the value of Johnson & Johnson’s extensive product stewardship and environmental successes to the company's trade customers and consumers including championing the Earthwards® process.

Colloquium in Sustainable Marketing Speaker Series

In recent years there has been an explosion of interest in building sustainable brands with “green” and cause-based marketing. Major brands such as Johnson & Johnson, GE and BMW are launching green product lines. Critical buyers are also paying attention. Retailers such as Wal-Mart, Office Depot and Wholefoods require greater transparency into the sustainability of the products they sell, and large institutional buyers such as the US Federal Government and Universities demand more sustainable products and verified claims. Given the current green noise and plethora of marketing approaches, the claim that a product is more sustainable is being critically evaluated. Brands making green claims are being forced to address significant environmental aspects across their life cycle.

Despite all of this recent activity, in order to achieve a substantial impact, products that are more environmentally sustainable need to be able to reach an even wider audience and gain more market share. How can we create sustainable products that resonate with customers? How do we develop brands that will bring greener products into the mainstream? How do companies coordinate internally and with their supply chains to make and sell more sustainable products? How do companies and buyers ensure that products are indeed more sustainable, and ensure that valid claims are trusted by consumers? 

The Colloquium on Sustainability Marketing at Yale sponsored by DEKRA aims to unravel and address the challenges of creating environmentally sustainable products, services and brands that customers love.


About CBEY:  The Yale Center for Business and the Environment (CBEY) and the Yale Center for Customer Insights is pleased to present Colloquim in Sustainable Marketing. The speaker series is sponsored by DEKRA. The event is free and open to the public.